Marco Gonzalez:

  • 2,000 Years Old
  • Post Classic Occupation
  • 49 Structures
  • Occupation 100BC
  • Maya Ruins
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Maps... 3,800; 1,000 years and Now.

Exploration of the site by Drs. Pendergast and Graham enabled their team to map 49 mound structures. There are no very high platforms such as those on the mainland that supported temples or altars. Marco Gonzalez was a trade center. Shipment was both southward and northward, from Honduras an the Bay Islands all around the Yucatan peninsula to the Gulf Coasts of Campeche and Tabasco. perhaps even out to other cayes located eastward in the atolls. These island traders were salt makers as evidenced by salt pits . The importance of the salt trade diminished around A.D. 800 with the islanders turning again to long-distance trade in pottery, obsidian, chert and probably food items.

Within the 49 structures, certain plazas indicate hierarchy in buildings indicating housing of the leaders of the group. Two major and three smaller plazas have been identified throughout the current land mass. Several smaller structures are evident on the outlying area with many more underwater in the mangroves marshes.

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